Private Sektor

Private Sektor is an advisory firm founded by Tony Forcucci that helps companies with their global business development strategies and growing their international sales. Tony works with companies with greater than $10 million in revenue that are doing business globally (or would like to) and want to bring in additional in-the-field expertise to build it without adding to headcount. Think of it as a fractional Director of Global Business Development.

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Private Sektor is a strategic advisory company that helps companies accomplish what they want to do internationally in their business development activities.

It’s how some companies can effectively grow their international business development activity without adding to headcount or taking on internal hiring risk. Private Sektor is industry agnostic focusing on client objectives including:

International Sales

US Market Penetration Sourcing & Procurement

Private Sektor is based in the USA (Atlanta) and works with only a handful of clients at a time. All business is confidential client lists are not published. It’s like having a private Director of Global Business Development on call.

Private Sektor is for brands and companies looking to do more business internationally and need not only strategy input but also someone who’ll go in-the-field to get things done.

An accomplished global business executive and entrepreneur, Tony Forcucci heads up Global Business Development for Private Sektor and has led an incredible life traveling the world, living internationally, building companies, and collecting one-of-a-kind life experiences. He has been involved in international business for 20 years with some of the most iconic niche brands in the world.



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