Now on our sixth collection of artist wallet, a line of artist tee shirts, and a growing list of collaborations, Poketo is a growing network of over 40 renowned artists, magazines, and bands. Bands started contacting us because they loved the uniqueness of what we are doing and the diversity of artists we work with. Designing official wallets for bands is a perfect extension of the arts and widening our artist circle. The official band wallets have sold out on tours with bands such as, Postal Service, Weezer, Autolux, and The Shins. Artists that have designed for Poketo include Eamon Ore-Giron, Chris Pew, Damon Soule, Isaac Lin, Jill Bliss, Ogi, Chris Bettig, Luke Chueh, Susie Ghahremani, Saelee Oh, Brendan Monroe, Evah Fan, Derek Kirk Kim, Chris Duncan, Andy Howell, SP One, Deth P Sun, Ryan Wallace, PCP, Alika Cooper, Nathalie Roland, and more.


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