Pierre Cardin Evolution

Pierre Cardin has been revolutionizing for more than half a century the world of fashion. Couturier, diplomat, leader of arts, leader of maxim’s. Pierre Cardin was the first couturier to bring fashion into the street, revolutionize men’s style, apply a brand licensing system in 1960, set up operations throughout the world (most notably in Japan, China and the USSR). The Pierre Cardin line encompasses apparel, accessories, furniture, art and environment.

In 1960 Cardin launched the first line of designer mens clothing by a couturier. A strong forceful designer, he also raised skirts 4 inches and plunged necklines in the front and back. His designs during this decade had the trappings of science-fiction and space travel, and were made out of vinyl, hammered metal rings, broaches of carpenter nails, and diamonds. While the clothing he designed shrunk in size, the patterns he used continued to grow. In the 70s, Cardin presented dresses and coats with kimono sleeves and large round cut-outs.

A leader with a vision for the future, Cardin changed and expanded the world of fashion with his creations over the years. At the height of his career, he had up to 200,000 people working for him, with 900 brand licenses for more than 1,000 products in 140 countries. In 2004, Cardin placed his company on the market, which was anticipated to sell for approximately 270 million pounds. He insisted that he would retain strong ties with the company and said he will continue to design as long as he lives.


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