Phoebe Couture

Kay Unger blends her own personal philosophy with a unique corporate ethic that drives the success of Kay Unger New York. She designs clothes for today’s women with a balance of comfort, femininity, and strength reflected in all of her collections. As Co-founder and Head Designer of her company, and sporting over 38 years of fashion experience, Kay has emerged as an industry leader possessing a positive connection with her customer, and the respect of her peers in the fashion industry. Kay Unger New York was founded in 1995 when Kay Unger and partner Rob Feinberg decided to launch a fashion company. Back then, they were committed to a few key concepts, and those commitments haven’t changed. The brand was built on femininity and fit, no matter what the product. From dresses to sportswear to home furnishings and the signature Kay Unger blouses, this company has been dedicated to perfecting both a unique look and a sound process for arriving at it. Phoebe Couture is Unger’s line for a younger market who wants to look haute couture without paying the matching prices.





230 West 38th Street

New York, NY US

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