Philadelphia Fashion Incubator

The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s, Center City, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a collaboration between the City of Philadelphia, Macy’s Center City, Center City District, and various educational institutions devoted to fashion design in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is the first of its kind in Philadelphia. The city is fortunate to be home to nationally-recognized fashion design schools including Moore College of Art, Drexel University and Philadelphia University. With the incredible talent coming out of these schools, the city realized there were few resources that supported local fashion designers who wanted to launch their businesses in Philadelphia.

The purpose of Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is to support and promote emerging fashion designers and the fashion community of Philadelphia.

Launching in March 2012, Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is a one-year program and will feature 4 annually-selected Designers-in-Residence (DIR), who will have access to office and design/work space, a showroom, curriculum, mentoring, and other important resources all within Macy’s Center City in an effort to help them launch and further grow their companies in the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Fashion Incubator will support talent that understands the program is a business proposition, not merely a creative opportunity.



1300 Market Street, 3

Philadelphia, PA US