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PGM, professional manufacture of garment fitting dress forms since 1983 in 2, including: Missy Forms, Fullbody Forms, Men Forms, Children Forms, Large Women Forms, Antique Dress Form, Display Body Forms.

PGM accept Custom Made of any sizes dress form.

PGM also manufacture Pattern Making Tools: Pattern Notcher, Tracing Wheel, Rabbit Punch, Pattern Shears, Fabric Shears..

PGM also supply Antique Garment Racks, Garment Wall Mount, Jewelry Racks, Shoe & Hat Racks.

Call toll free: 1-888-818-1991

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PGM has been manufacturing professional garment fitting dress forms since 1983 in California. Over the years, our Design & Research Group have continued to perfect the castings of real people in order to assure a good fit of the garment.

Today PGM maintains its industry edge through innovation. Our focus on meeting the demands of exact garment fitting is the key to making PGM dress forms the best and contribute to PGM’s leadership in the manufacturing of working dress form in the field of apparel industry .

## PGM Dress Forms feature: - Natural body shape and realistic looking buttocks, make our dress forms a good fit for garment design, manufacturing, and fashion design education.

  • Unsurpassed pinnable material allows the pins go in easily and firmly

  • Each form is individually molded by hand to specific dimensions and contours, every seam is symmetrically proportioned. All this is accomplished with craftsmanship based upon many years of skilled work and intimate experience.

  • Our dress forms feature a uniquely designed base & pole that easily adjusts to a desired height and is constructed for life-time use.

  • Full range sizes of dress forms: missy halfbody dress form, junior halfbody dress form, ladies fullbody form, bridal form, large women form, men form, children form, girls form, pregnant form, pants form, providing our clients with a multitude of choices.

  • PGM also accepts any sizes of Custom Made dress forms.

Because of the quality and accuracy of our product, PGM dress forms are used by designers, manufacturers, fashion schools throughout the world.

PGM also has product line of:

  • pattern making tool system,
  • antique dress form
  • display body forms,
  • antique display body forms
  • garment rolling racks
  • garment wall-mount racks
  • jewelry display racks
  • shoe & hat racks
  • paper mache hangers

**Call toll free at 1-888-818-1991 **to contact PGM Customer Service Rep. for any product info or help.


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