Pearl Academy Of Fashion

Learning at Pearl first starts with self-discovery and continues with theory, information collection and analysis, project based execution, finally ending with peer and faculty evaluation.

The Academy focuses on developing Clearly defined career goals- Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and share their vision. The Academy helps to identify strengths and interests and guides the choice of a career accordingly.

A holistic understanding of Industry The world of fashion is dynamic and fluid. At Pearl regular curriculum upgradation in keeping with changing industry trends ensures that students know and understand the ever changing market trends and customer needs.

Skills & concepts related to specializations A multi- faceted development of relevant skills and concepts is achieved through institutional activities and events like Fabric Folio at the Texstyles Trade Fair, Synthesis- a public forum for presenting student projects, Pearl Utsav- the annual extracurricular festival, and Sports Day. International conferences are also held regularly under an event name Continuum.



21 /13 Naraina Industrial Area - Phase Ii

New Delhi, IN

Toll Free 9104441417693