Paxar Corp

Paxar Corporation is a global leader in providing innovative merchandising systems for the retail and apparel industry. At Paxarwe design and manufacture tickets, tags and labels, and we provide the technologyincluding the printers, software control systems and necessary suppliesfor retail product identification. Our customers include the world’s major retailers, branded apparel companies and contract manufacturers. Our focus is on working with our customers and adding value for them in everything we do: we help build their brands, manage their data and distribute their merchandise throughout the supply chain.

Look Around, Anywhere, and You will Find Paxar There Chancesare on any given day, you are wearing a garment that has a Paxar designed label, or that was marked with a Paxar ticket or tag. Chances are the garment was protected with one of our security solutions or price marked in the retail store with our labelers. Or, it was rushed from the point of manufacture to the point of purchase via Paxar’s tracking and data management technology. Chances are, you’ve been touched by Paxar today.


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