Illustrated clothes for imaginative girls. Simple, beautiful, original styles for 9 months - 7 years old. Illustrated toys too. PaperGirl silhouettes, are inspired in different eras and places: are both timeless and thoroughly modern. Well-crafted in New York City using 100% soft cotton from Japan and other quality natural materials.

At PaperGirl we create drawings on paper, inspired in nature, world cultures, art and timeless childhood fantasies. Using embroidery or digital printing, these original illustrations turn each piece into a wearable art. It is as if the dress was a page from an artist’s drawing pad or an illustrated book.

We love storytelling, we believe in helping young minds learn and play with art, imagination and fantasy. Each illustrated garment includes a little book that tells the story –fiction or non-fiction- we’ve written about the illustration. The child can read it with you or can keep it in a little side pocket.

PaperGirl celebrates childhood curiosity, imagination and creative freedom.


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