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Pamela Dennis best known for her sleek, sexy evening wear announced her plans to launch a couture collection to debut in the Fall for Spring 2005. Dennis, whose clients include socialites and celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, Joan Rivers, Debra Messing and the Duchess of York has been working on the collection for the past few months and is putting all her creative energy behind this project.

I am so excited to be back in business and part of the highly visible fashion arena after having settled my previous business arrangement amicably, said Dennis. Dennis will have complete creative control over her collection, and is also looking to expand into other licensing opportunities such as bridal, bridge, sportswear, outerwear and lingerie to expand her brand.

Slow, steady growth and attention to detail are Dennis buzzwords these days. Shes starting to look for studio space where she can welcome clients and stage fashion shows. I have plans for the future including other ventures that I want to pursue but my first priority is to the quality garments that I take personal pride in.

Drawing from beautiful raw fabrics, metals, architecture and a muted color pallet, Dennis is adding her trademark details to make a debut collection to be shown during fashion week in September. Her muse is a high fashion woman that is inspired by Dennis signature style.




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