Pacific Ornaments Mfy

Pacific Ornaments Manufactory Limited is a well-established company supplying beaded ornaments, ribbon rosettes, crochet ornaments, velvet & nylon ribbons, fancy braids, cotton torchon laces, hot fix rhinestones & motifs and various fashion, bags shoes and bedding accessories. Our business principle is to provide the outstanding product quality, competitive prices and on time delivery in order to offer the paramount supports to our clients such as garment & bag manufacturers and excellent reliability to our trading partners. Keeping pace with the growth of our business, providing superior services has become our prime concern. Our technicians and production managers in our China factory together with well-trained merchandising team in Hong Kong office are committed in achieving the principle.


Buttons & Closures


109 Lai Chi Kok Road, Mong Kok, kowloon

Hong Kong, CN

Main 852 2393 1064