Pac Manufacturing

PAC is a contract manufacturer for the apparel industry. We have gained the technical and logistical expertise necessary to give our customers the highest level of service.

Our management team has a total of 40 years experience in the garment production process, from first patterns to Customs clearance. Our dedication to quality and timely delivery is the basis of our business. We realize our customers cannot sacrifice quality for on-time delivery or vice versa. Our expertise in production planning will ensure all raw material components are where they need to be, when they are needed.

Notifications of exceptions to our customers will be immediate. When something does not go according to plan, as is often the case, the news will be given wholly and honestly. When you know is as important as what you know. The earlier you’re informed of a mishap, the more options become available to resolve the situation in a cost-effective manner.

We at PAC know the problems faced by production professionals. We feel confident we can plan for and avoid some of the major pitfalls in producing garments offshore.







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