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Overseas Buyers Registry(OBR) is jointly sponsored by Alpha Consulting Ltd at Ningbo and the Standard Chartered Bank in the East China Region near Shanghai, the second largest garment-making region in China.

If you are a garment buyer interested in sourcing within this region in China, you now have an opportunity to cut back a considerable part of the laborious work at no cost to you. We at Overseas Buyers? Registry, Zhejiang China (OBR) will try to match your sourcing needs with the right suppliers in the Zhejiang Province of China. The suppliers we??l recommend you are bona fide manufacturers, some of them have already been or in the process of being granted trade finance facilities by Standard Chartered Bank, which means they may be able to accept your L/C up to 120 days after sight.

If you ever decide to visit the Ningbo, the commercial center of Zhejiang, we can arrange hotel accommodation and appointments for you beforehand. For the first night of stay, your lodging will be complementary (lodging only). And if you need our personal introduction, our staff can accompany you on the first day of your visit.


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