Ohne Titel

OHNE TITEL is the luxury women’s collection designed by Flora Gill and Alexa Adams. The two met 8 years ago in New York City while attending Parson’s School of Design, where they realized that they shared similar influences and style. After graduating, they separated to design for established labels. Alexa spent several years at Helmut Lang. In 2005, the two reunited to work for Karl Lagerfeld. In September 2006 Alexa and Flora founded the brand.

OHNE TITEL pairs primitive and organic elements with a techno-modern sensibility. Inspired by the tensions created by the juxtaposition of disparate elements, they created a line for a strong and modern woman. Stretch and an appreciation of the body are important for creating a utilitarian silhouette. OHNE TITEL is about luxury created by beautiful fabrics and attention to the minutest detail in fit and finishing, inside and out.

For their first collection they were inspired by technical sportswear. The color palette combines shades of grey and black with purple and gold accents. Rip-stop nylon and neoprene are paired with soft cashmere, wool, and gold. Plastic raffia is crocheted to appear like feathers. Fur is expertly crafted with athletic backpack elements. Tops, jackets and coats are taken from ski jackets and wool jersey is dipped in shiny silicone water-proofing. It is wearable, functional, fresh and unexpected, designed for a woman with a unique and individual personal style.


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Sportswear, Suits & Tailored RTW, Dresses


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New York, NY US

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