Ogan Dallal Associates

Ogan/Dallal Associates Inc. was established in 1986 in New York when its principals, Katie Ogan and Evelyn Dallal, acquired full ownership of Dennis Davidson Associates, New York, established in 1984. Dennis Davidson was a prominent international public relations firm established in the United States in 1975. As joint owners of Dennis Davidson Associates, New York, both Katie and Evelyn were instrumental in furthering its reputation as a premier public relations firm.

Today, Ogan/Dallal Associates boasts an impressiveand growing client list. The agency’s accounts are handled by a specific account team that is responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships, planning and implementing all publicity and promotional campaigns, and monitoring and analyzing all public relations activities to ensure a continuous and effective program. Katie and/or Evelyn head up each team.

We believe our growth depends upon our clients’ growth. This structure enables us to work closely with our clients to achieve the job at hand.


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