Obey Clothing

When the team that is now Obey Clothing first got together for a top secret strategy meeting in a bunker, in a hidden location, a hundred feet below the earth’s surface, safe from government surveillance and corporate espionage, the question was posed, “Shepard, how would you describe the essence of the Obey Clothing line we are putting together?” Shepard’s million dollar response was, and his mantra continues to be, “Intelligently irreverent . That is, urban clothes should pursue the direction where Punk Rock should have evolved.

Obey urban fashion is the logical extension of Shepard’s street art campaign and a reflection of his personality. The line embodies his graphic design style, sense of humor, “question everything” politics, and “basics with a twist” fashion sense.




Womens, Mens


Streetwear, Jeans & Denim, Activewear



2313 South Susan Street

Santa Ana, CA US

Main 714.429.1595

Fax 714.429.1594