NILIT America Inc.

Privately owned with headquarters in Israel, NILIT has four vertically integrated manufacturing facilities worldwide. We service our global customer base through our offices in Europe, USA, Turkey, Latin America, Asia Pacific and China. Our products are sold in more than 70 countries.

Established in 1969 by the late Ennio Levi, Nilit was founded on the principles of uncompromisingly high standards and unparalleled attention to quality, details, and service. Long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers reflect the commitment and loyalty that have come to be synonymous with the name Nilit. The company has worked diligently over the years to take its innovations one step further to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.

As a pioneer in the development of nylon microfibers and a leader in the global market for hosiery yarns, Nilit works with knitters, designers, and retailers to achieve high-quality solutions that meet specific manufacturing needs and requirements, and meets shipping deadlines consistently and reliably.

Nilit operates a vertical, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that processes the nylon from polymerization to extrusion to spinning and packing. Its in-house R&D center provides cutting-edge technological solutions in the development of customized polymers for Nilit’s customers.

In addition to our proprietary Nilit fibers, we market our fiber products under the brand names Tactel , Cordura , and Supplex , registered trademarks of Invista, used under license to Nilit for nylon fiber products, all perfected for legwear, seamless, wovens, and circular knitting. At the forefront of the world’s specialty yarn manufacturers, Nilit continues the tradition of developing and offering high-quality, innovative, customized solutions in nylon 6.6. Close, long-standing relations with its customers contributes further to the search for “just-right” solutions to very specific needs.


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