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The Cooper family has a long tradition of making superbly functional and distinctive jackets in the finest quality leather. From 1917-1918, my grandfather made raincoats for the Army, and from 1941-1945 he continuously made the original and revised Field Jackets. In World War II he made leather A-2 jackets for the Army/Air Corps. From 1988-1997, my father, uncle and I made US Navy G-1 and US Air Force A-2 leather flight jackets that have been worn by thousands of pilots and ground crew.

In 1996 Cooper Sportswear was awarded a contract from the DSCP in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to redesign the A-2 jacket to be more functional and to improve the fit. Side entry pockets were added directly to the patch pockets and inside wallet pockets were added. The fit was enlarged and underarm grommets were added for ventilation. Thus, the collaboration with the US Air Force and Cooper Sportswear created the current military spec A-2. Cooper USA continues the tradition. In our USA factories, we take pride in making military and school apparel such as dress uniforms, blazers, trousers, skirts, shirts, overcoats, and chokers.

Cooper USA sells our jackets to an array of companies including leather shops, army/navy and surplus stores, aviation and military museums, clubs and organizations, defense contractors, airlines, air cargo and aviation related companies. We also serve the Civil Air Patrol and Air National Guard units. The authenticity and quality creates demand for our jackets overseas, and we export our jackets to Germany, France, Italy, Japan, England, Greece, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, and into Central and South America. The US Air Force A-2 and the US Navy G-1 flyers jackets represent 1000s of stories handed down by pilots and ground personnel from WWII to the present time. These popular jackets inspire current day pilots to walk in the footsteps of aviation legends. Cooper leather flying jackets are built to be true to the spirit and character of the original. Our authentic A-2 leather flight jacket is adorned with the Cooper Orange label and the G-1 displays the Cooper Navy label to identify them as the genuine article.




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