Nava Zahavi

Nava Zahavi is a well recognized and respected Jewelry Designer, known for her Unique and High Quality line of Jewelry. Featured by Vogue, O Magazine, InStyle, Lucky, Glamour, Harper’s Bazar and Shape. Covered by the New York Times and Bride’s, purchased by Woopy Goldberg, Debra Messing and others of similar stature, Nava Zahavi’s jewelry has achieved an approval note from the most sophisticated international shoppers. Nava draws her inspiration from the Mediterranean environment she grew up in - the sea, the beaches, olive trees and fresh soil. The cultural influences evident in her lines can be traced to ancient Egypt and Greece. The structural organization of the jewelry reveals her extensive background in design. Navas collection is based on two lines, which complement each other. Her collection contains reproductions of antique jewelry made with 14 Karat rose gold, reminiscent of aristocratic splendor. At the other end of the spectrum is Nava’s modern line, containing unique pieces enhanced by semi-precious stones. The pieces incorporate 24 Karat gold in a very modern yet timeless setting.







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Farmington Hills, MI US

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