Mummy Stay Dry

Mummy Stay Dry started with a mess. Mud from the stroller wheels was tracked from the car into the house. Playing with 4-year-old Alexandra would have to be put on hold until the mess was cleaned. Carolyn decided then that she wanted to create practical “mommy products” to decrease the time spent on needless hassle and increase the time parents had to spend with their children. Mummy Stay Dry provides functional, high-end, but affordable products for parents looking to do just that!

All our products are developed by someone who understands the stresses and joys of being a parent, a fellow mom. Mummy Stay Dry produces “lifetime” products. These products are just like the moms who use them; they won’t give up in spite of any mess or challenge, no matter how often they are put to the test. We strive for functionality. Each of our products are born out of a need faced by Carolyn. Whether your lifestyle is metropolitan or country chic, our products will integrate seamlessly into your daily routine. MSD also supports the American people and their businesses by bringing our customers quality products Made in the USA.







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