mulmul, a pickypixie inc. brand founded and created by puja chodha, signature styling lies in a subtle balance of dualities. Earthy yet ethereal, intricate yet minimal, elegant yet delightfully odd, vintage inspired yet modern; it flows seamlessly between these realms and creates a subliminal harmony. It fanciful yet functional design for the woman who covets sweet contradictions and makes them her own.

mulmul (pronounced mhul-muhl as in mulberry) creates comfy-chic loungewear for style-inspired women.

Named after a fine cotton muslin from India, mulmul is the epitome of femininity. Soft, delicate and ethereal, it is often referred to as the “wonder gossamer” or “woven wind.”

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MORE INFOWith a background in Fine Arts, Creative Director Puja Chodha, conceived of mulmul and founderd her company Pickypixie inc. in August 2008.

“I am inspired by and naturally drawn to beautiful things that are well-made; things that in their simplicity, speak directly to the soul. mulmul is essentially a personal expression and confluence of my passions: Art, photography, theatre, fashion, design, and spiritual well-being. I feel that it is my calling to restore beauty to the world, which to me, represents the very essence of life”






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New York, NY US

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