Mothers Work Inc

Rebecca Matthias started Mothers Work from scratch out of her home with a little money and a lot of determination and drive. Now Rebecca is the president and founder of a multi-million dollar, publicly traded company.

Founded in 1982 as a catalog business, Mothers Work, Inc has grown to become the world’s largest maternity apparel retailer with more than 1,500 locations. Since the time of its initial public offering in March 1993, Mothers Work has grown as a result of the addition of new stores, the acquisition of existing maternity stores, new brands, increased sales volume and most importantly, a great group of team members!

Mothers Work team members are amazing people who energize, inspire and innovate. Everyone is approachable. No one works in isolated compartments, but rather everyone is part of cross-departmental teams with every member free to develop the next big idea. It’s our open environment and support of a team approach that has helped us to . quite literally . give birth to the modern maternity apparel market.


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