Morgan Le Fay

Morgane Le Fay is a New York City-based fashion house founded in 1982. Our roots are the SoHo of twenty years ago: ghostly and austere. Our mission is to craft pieces that fit the Morgane Le Fay woman: mysterious, confident, feminine. Morgane Le Fay is worn by clients of all ages.

The sole concern is for fit, ease, and elegance. They execute the entire creative process-design, patternmaking, construction, and distribution-in the New York studio space. It is achieved through an expert team of patternmakers, sewers, tailors, and other artisans. Because each team member is intimately involved with the development of our garments, they can attend to intricate details of design, fit, and construction in a manner that is both unrivaled and uncompromising.




Designer, Bridge


Evening & Social Occasion



67 Wooster Street

New York, NY US

Main 212.219.7672