Monies, USA

Gerda and Nicolai Monies are an internationally-known design team from Denmark who create spectacular lines of jewelry. Gerda and Nicolai met in design school in West Germany, and paired up personally and as designers- each working off and complimenting the other’s strengths and perspectives. Both are inspired by natural elements and prefer to allow the essence of the material to speak for itself and determine what will flow from it.

Gerda, a goldsmith and jewelry designer, furthered her education in England and the United States after design school. She has the distinction of being the first woman to become a member of the 700-year old Goldsmith’s Guild in Denmark. In keeping with her philosophy that jewelry should be large to stand out, and be a bit provocative, Gerda states, “Big earrings, bracelets and necklaces add drama to a woman’s personality. All every woman needs is just one great piece of important jewelry.”

Nicolai, a silversmith and jewelry designer, draws large crowds of devoted followers and connoisseurs of statement pieces to his European shows. He has traveled the world selecting raw gems, antique carvings and unusual materials such as antique jade carvings. Nicolai’s designs for MONIES bring his years of experience and aesthetic perspective to each collection.

The jewelry is made from nature’s own materials including wood; water buffalo horn, and nail; bone; amber; and other semi-precious gems-as well as-fine man-made materials such as resins. All materials used are certified in accordance with the International Wildlife Laws of the Washington Convention.









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