Mode Gakeun

Mode Gakuen is a vocational school in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Paris (CREAPOLE) and cultivates creators various field, fashion, make, hair, graphic, interior. Mode Gakuen offers a number of courses as follows;

Fashion design Fashion Technique Fashion Business Stylist Interior Graphic Make-Up Hair

5,500 students including 200 foreign students from Asia study to be the creators in various fields, both in daytime and nighttime courses.

Regarding education, teachers with rich business experience and lectures active in their respective fields offers high quality lessons and skill practice. In addition, the school provides various programs to cultivate creators; original texts, case study, internship program, group learning.

As a part of education, the school offers senior students both graduation trip to Paris and graduation festivals in which make presentations and are broadcasted as one hour program on TV in some areas.



1-6-2 Nishi-Shinjyuku

Tokyo, JP

Toll Free 333446000