Mitsubishi International Corp

The textiles Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC) handles include fiber, yarn, nonwoven fabrics and industrial textiles, as well as plastic optical fiber and photo-sensitive polymer printing plates. The product applications we handle are exceptionally diverse, reflecting the expertise we bring to the specialized needs of our customers.

MIC both exports and imports garments and fabric. We work with U.S. makers of apparel and accessories to license their products, for manufacture in, or import to, Japan. Together with Mitsubishi Corporation, we define market opportunities in Japan and Asia for select U.S.-made upscale apparel. In addition, we bring emerging Japanese technologies to the Americas. One example is DiAPLEX, known as “The Intelligent Material,” which produces waterproof, breathable fabric. MIC is working to develop applications for DiAPLEX, as well as importing DiAPLEX-treated fabric.


Specialty, Woven, Yarns & Fibers




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