Mint By Julie Mintz

Mint by Julie Mintz earrings are ideal for any fashionista looking to express her inner-rock chick. The flirty, colorful creations adorned with sterling silver and 14k gold chains were first designed by Julie solely for herself and her girlfriends. Well, the word is out! Now it’s friends, friends of friends, and people who literally stop her on the street. Just like that, the fashion craze was born, and guitar pick earrings have been spotted on the ears of trend-setting hipsters and young starlets alike.

But how was this sassy jewelry line conceived, you ask? First, you take Julie Mintz, a creative girl with bohemian chic style and a love for all things rock ‘n roll. Then, take her away from her South Texas roots and plant her in Hollywood. Finally, add in the requisite musician boyfriend-always the perfect accessory for any well-meaning young actress. And inevitably…the only memories of her music man were tattered backstage passes and dozens of his old guitar picks, inspiring Julie to create her stylish baubles.

In January 2004, Mint by Julie Mintz became official, and Julie continues to handcraft each piece in her LA-based studio (while rocking out to the likes of Led Zeppelin, of course!). Is punching holes in an ex-boyfriend’s property vengeful, or just the act of a fashion goddess at the top of her game? Only time will tell. Oh, and lest you worry about her failed romance, Julie knows that looking fabulous is the best revenge!







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Los Angeles, CA US