Miller's Oath

Founded in Groton South Dakota in 1906 by six brothers who emigrated from across the country, Miller Merchantile was established as a trading post that quickly grew offering all the necessities an enterprising young community and those seeking their fortunes could need. The brothers expanded into clothing opening a men’s store Miller Brothers Exclusive Men’s Clothiers. This Groton institution became famous for offering hand tailoring and accessories in a haberdashery atmosphere where people would visit to buy a cashmere suit for $5. The store became the benchmark in the Midwest for tailoring, attention to service, detail and the handling of quality merchandise, because of this dedication the store grew and prospered. With the gold rush over and World War One looming immigration to South Dakota slowed and trade moved on to other cities, so to did the brothers; the building which retains their name all that remained, until now…

Taking the traditional elements of the past and blending them with modern details and an updated subtle feel is at the core of Miller’s Oath. Using military details and slight changes in texture and shape create its unique aesthetic. Painstakingly hand tailored in the USA, every garment is crafted with the same attitude toward hard work the pickaxe logo implies…there are no shortcuts to quality. After all, no one appreciates quality like a man who has earned it .Miller’s Oath is a vow to create well made clothing with a modern attitude and feel. Never far from our roots, the canvas undercollar brings to mind not only the canvas lining of the coat but the grain sacks of the original haberdashery.

Through the generations an understanding of style and an appreciation of quality and individuality has been passed down and nurtured by the Miller family. Using the bones of the original store a new age in clothing is upon us, mixing the best of the past with a revamped modern attitude and an eye toward function and discretion, men will again find a haven for immaculately well constructed sophisticated dress clothing and a style they can relate to. Having a modern spin on classic tailored clothing Millers Oath will create a lifestyle for the forward thinking impeccably dressed man who wants a distinct point of view.

The world has evolved and so have the Miller Brothers






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