Miguel Ases

Born in Spain, Miguel Ases’ began to study ballet at the age of nine. His passion for dance enabled him to join the National Ballet of Spain, where he performed until a debilitating injury forced him to retire. He then enrolled at Madrid’s School of Arts where he studied fashion and design.Miguel moved to New York where he began to work as head designer for Gaetano Fazio. His success allowed him to launch his own label. Soon Miguel’s intricate work, established his signature look. His artistry transforms sterling silver, gold-filled, gold, pearls, crystals, semi-precious and precious stones into brilliant pieces of wearable art.Neiman Marcus, Barney’s NY, Saks, Bloomingdales and over 400 specialty stores all over the U.S. carry his exquisite designs. Miguel’s works are also found worldwide in fine department stores in London, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Germany and Australia.Miguel is forging ahead with his powerful impressions of elegance in his intricate designs. He has been featured in countless magazines and fashion shows. This leads Miguel to be one of the stars in the world of fashion and jewelry design today.







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