Mauri Pioppo

Mauri Pioppo is on a path of creative success. Her first career as a professional dancer led her to tour with such legends as Twyla Tharp, Nina Wiener and Lar Lubovitch. To keep up with the physical demands of dancing, Mauri sought the restorative help of yoga and found her second calling as yoga instructor. Following a vision born out of her practice, Mauri has since become a highly respected and successful jewelry designer. Since its inception, Mauris jewelry collection has received wide acclaim. The World Gold Council looks to Mauri as a steady trendsetter in gold jewelry design, because of her open-minded approach to the traditional art form. In the world of fashion, Mauris work has been embraced by the press and she enjoys a substantial celebrity following that includes Eva Longoria, Debra Messing, Sheryl Crow and Kyra Sedgwick. Mauri continues to balance jewelry design with her yogic practice, as she does not consider one independent of the other. Yoga provides inspiration and design provides an outlet for the inspiration. To keep the energy flowing, Mauri makes regular contributions to charities such as N.E.D.A, A-Home and the ASPCA. Giving back generates abundance for everyone.?







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