Maternal America

Nataline Ngo is the designer and co-owner of Maternal America. Fashion and clothes has always been a part of her life.

Before the Vietnam War, Nataline’s mom owned a high end boutique. Her family came to the US in 1980. Three years later, her parents saved up enough money and opened their first store in 1983.

Thereafter, success allowed them to launch 2 more boutiques. Growing up, Netaline and her older siblings would help run the stores when school was out. Before she graduated high school, Nataline knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer.

After graduating from California Design College and 5 years of work experience in the fashion industry, she decided to create her own collection: a chic, sexy contemporary sportswear for women who appreciate style and quality.

In 2001, Nataline turned to her sister, Tina who is the best pattern maker and Nataline’s boyfriend at the time (now fiance), Wahid, who is the best organizer, to start the company.

One year into our business, Tina was expecting. Not only was Tina the patternmaker, but also the fit model. So suddenly, Tina needed a new wardrobe. Then Nataline thought if Tina needed a new wardrobe, so will other moms-to-be!

From there on, Maternal America focused on designing a maternity collection with the same mind set: a chic, sexy contemporary sportswear for “expecting” women who appreciates style and quality. That was a little over 5 years ago. Currently, Maternial America sells to over 300 maternity boutiques and online stores throughout the US.






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