Mark Heister

Industry peers have said that Mark Heister has “the eye of an architect and the hand of a sculptor.”

Mark Heister’s clothing reinforces that there is glamour in our times which leaves his clients feeling finished, beautiful and appropriate.

You can always spot a Mark Heister design. His signature style has made him a icon in the fashion industry and successful designer and business man for more than 30 years. Mark Heister is a modern Renaissance man; a multifaceted artist, who not only designs fashion, but also interiors and graphics. Additionally he is a woodworker, illustrator and textile colorist. He brings elegance, impeccable taste and expert quality to each of these art forms.

Mark Heister’s designs are sold in fine specialty stores internationally, and have been featured nationally in publications such as Town and Country, Harpers Bazaar and Women’s Wear Daily.




Designer, Bridge


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350 North Orleans Street Suite 1326

Chicago, IL US

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