Mannequin Madness

Mannequin Madness sells and rent mannequins, dress forms, and jewelry forms. We also sell gently used mannequins that we recycle from retail chains.

Mannequin Madness will also liquidate and recycle unwnated mannequins for free. Our clients have told us that we save them an average of $3,000 per store when they let us recycle their mannequins instead of throwing them in the trash. So there are economic as well as social benefits (keeping mannequins out of the landfills) for recycling mannequins.

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


Children, Womens, Mens, Children, Womens, Mens


Mannequins, Dress Forms, Dress Forms, Mannequins, Fixtures




2020 Dennison St

Oakland, CA US

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