Mann Media

MANN MEDIA, INC. is a leading public relations and marketing agency specializing in retail, fashion, beauty, health, publishing and lifestyle P.R.

We are dedicated to creating meticulously tailored programs for every client. Ours is not a “cookie-cutter” approach to public relations. We’re great listeners, and we understand that each client has its own specific objectives as well as distinctly different personalities, methods and comfort levels.

Our professional instincts and real-world experience allow us to work with a wide range of clients. We are “culture vultures” who are tapped into consumer attitudes and trends, retail challenges, the economic climate, demographic shifts and new media opportunities.

Mann Media’s relationships with key editors and producers is unmatched. We know how to raise a client’s visibility and to adapt to a client’s changing needs with fresh ideas and realistic strategies for reaching their target audience in innovative ways.

Our reputation for integrity, professionalism and measurable client results is known and respected throughout the industry, and it has made Mann Media, Inc., one of the most successful boutique public relations firms in New York.


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