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Madison Kelly NYC handbags are handcrafted originals grounded in a sense of reality. Designer Kelly Horton created her unique and contemporary line based around her everyday experience and personal needs as a consumer. The overall goal is to provide the customer with a sense of exclusivity, accomplished through handmade crafting, custom hardware and focusing on the detail of each product, ultimately creating an original handbag. Madison Kelly NYC designs are edgy originals with functional simplicity of a great handbag, with an emphasis on satisfying the customer.


Kelly Horton ~ Designer. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, New York City based Handbag Designer Kelly Horton has created a line of handbags inspired by the lifestyle of the metropolitan woman. Kelly first made her way into the world of fashion, not as a designer, but as a support assistant for Fashion Guru Jeffrey Kalinsky. Jeffrey is currently the director of designer merchandising at Nordstrom’s as well as the owner of the popular boutiques, Jeffrey’s, Bob Ellis Atlanta and Jeffrey’s New York. Ms. Horton’s style awareness was heightened while working along side Jeffrey’s buyer, Jim Whitlow.

Eventually, Ms. Horton moved on to pursue her own career as an accessory designer. Her passion for fashion and love of the arts inspired her to take a chance and branch off on her own. Horton began conceptualizing and designing original pieces.

In spring of 2005, Kelly Horton launched Madison Kelly NYC, a designer label of handcrafted handbags. The collection consisted of unique contemporary pieces. The handbags stood out with their creative design structure, various textures and vibrant colors. The designs are edgy originals with functional simplicity of a great handbag.






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