Lunar is the lifestyle vision of fashion designer Karen Ter Morshuizen. Her partnership with Paul Harris saw the conception of a lifestyle store offering unique nature inspired merchandise.

Since its inception Lunar has been sensitive to environmental concerns, making use, almost exclusively of natural fibres and pigment dyes. Each collection reflects their essential design philosophy -

Lunar is about finding inspiration in the small things around us, and emphasizing an appreciation for our environment.

Karen enjoys reviving old-fashioned techniques: hand knitting, smocking, felting, African beading and hand embroidery. These crafts are often interpreted into uncomplicated clothes in luxurious fabrics with understated detailing and intelligent cutting. The result is a couture approach to ready-to-wear fashion.

With these principles Lunar aspires to enter the global market where they can reach a larger audience with their message and continue to contribute, educate and inspire.





44 Stanley Avenue

Johannesburg, ZA

Toll Free 27117265558