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Lucky Brand Jeans is about a moment in time, about America, youth and courage. The brand stands for a time when quality and pride came first. Lucky Brand Jeans has always marched to the tune of its own drummer, never lining up to do it like everybody else. When the rules didnt make sense, the company made up new ones. Lucky Brand Jeans was founded on the nostalgia of small town America. Its about innocence, courage and fun. Its the embodiment of what you feel when you see or hear something that takes you back to a moment when you felt free, young and hopeful. Lucky Brand Jeans is about the summer before you went off to college, the friends you grew up with, freedom from the past and no fear for what lies ahead. Its laughing at something youre really too old to still find funny. Its the last moment of innocence as you travel into adulthood.Now that you know what Lucky Brand Jeans is, lets learn a little bit about what its not. Its not out there. Its not a look. Its not about under age waif models, co-dependent lovers or buxom beauties. Its not the product of got to put something out thereā€¦ Lucky Brand Jeans believes that part of what makes a brand great is what you dont do with it. It never compromises on quality or styling. It never sells out. Lucky Brand Jeans isnt everywhere so its no longer special. It doesnt think short term. It doesnt cut a deal based on desperation. It doesnt put anything before product.In a world where everything is a little too big, where nothing seems personal or original anymore, Lucky Brand Jeans stands out like the last bastion of quality and integrity left in a marketplace polluted with the compromised and mediocre. As everybody rushed to sell out, as everyone looked to cut corners and as everyone gave up on product, Lucky Brand Jeans stayed the course and found that sometimes, its about what you dont do.???




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