Louis Feraud Sarl

As from the day that Louis Fraud opened the door of his boutiques in Cannes 1950 and Paris 1954, he was unanimously recognized as a master of his art, not only for his near genius in his sense of fantasy, colour and motifs, but also for his talent in designing clothes that seemed to be sculpted to the body.

This artist stands out clearly in 1955 when he presents his first Couture collection which is characterised by vibrant colours, typical of his Mediterranean background and inspired by his love of Spanish and Latin American cultures.

In 1958 Louis Fraud presents his first Haute Couture Collection in Paris joining the prestigious Club of Couturiers, such as Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Lanvin and Givenchy. His growing notoriety rapidly developes beyond Europe and goes as far as the United States and Japan.

Acknowledged also as an artist as well as an occasional novelist, the Prince de lart de vivre (the Prince of lifestyle) became the messenger of being a profound lover of life. After a magnificent career, he dies in 1999 at 79 years of age.

It is thanks to the strength of his example that he continues, through his creations, to seduce elegant and refined women.

In 2002 Fraud is bought by Escada, and then sold again in 2005 to Alliance Designers group.

No matter how far his travels took him, it was always the light from his home Provence that provided him with inexhaustable inspiration. Thanks to the vision of this eminently curious man whose life was a continuous voyage of discovery, the universe he created has not ever stopped pushing barriers. From Paris, London and Milan to New York and Tokyo, the FERAUD woman never ceases to shine.

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