Laurie Kaufmann’s passion for accessories started long before she began Lorelei Design; at age 3, Laurie’s grandmother observed her fierce determination to carry around several bags at once and nicknamed her - prophetically, as it turns out - the “bag lady”. While growing up in Rye, New York, and studying at Princeton, Laurie worked in boutiques but her career in fashion started at Calvin Klein. Inspired by her introduction to the industry, Laurie started to make a few bags that were an instant hit; Lorelei had begun before she knew what happened.

Inspired by the strong stylish women that surround her and the dynamic rhythms of New York City, Laurie creates collections that combine smart sophisticated shapes with striking prints and leathers. From beach totes to hobos to evening clutches, Laurie’s distinctive sense of design, craft, and humor touches every piece in the Lorelei collection.




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