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New York, New York, December 2008 Les Halles, the influential, trendsetting denim-based clothing line started in 1979 by Marlene and Stephen Baum, has been re-launched for spring/summer 2009. The Company, which was responsible for making the Baggie Jean THE TREND of 1979, is poised to make a comeback with their debut collection featuring new and original styles reinterpreted for today’s chic, modern woman.

Recreating Les Halles is the brainchild of Remy Baum, Marlene and Stephen Baum’s 23 year old daughter. I was helping my mom clean out her closet and stumbled upon a pair of her old Les Halles Baggie’ jeans, explains Remy Baum, vice president of sales for Les Halles. I decided to try them on and couldn’t help but notice that they resembled a certain style of jeans that was new to the market and becoming more popular by the day. So I approached my parents with the idea of bringing back Les Halles for the next generation.

We are thrilled that Remy is following in our footsteps and truly love that the re-launch of Les Halles has become a family affair, adds Stephen Baum, founder & designer of Les Halles.

Marlene and I have worked in the fashion industry for well over 30 years; between our expertise running incredibly successful fashion companies and Remy’s fresh point of view from the younger generation, we are confident that we will bring to the marketplace a great collection of denim-based items at the right price.

Working together, the three partners offer a perspective unlike any other denim brand, one that combines the past (Stephen previously worked at Guess, Jordache, and American Eagle Outfitters) and present. With their keen sense of what the next hottest trend will be and their fearlessness to take risks, Les Halles hopes to fill a void in the denim market with their innovative designs.

Fashion should be for the masses, insists Marlene Baum, founder of Les Halles. At $120, our jeans are priced well below many of the current designer labels. Yet our fit, fabric, and design are absolutely amazing and can be worn by a hip, cool woman in her 20s (like my daughter) or me and my friends.




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