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Leading Lady was founded in 1939 by Frank G. Farino. The company was officially established when Mr. Farino accepted two sewing machines in lieu of vacation pay and purchased the existing inventory as the Cleveland bra fitter he was employed with went out of business.

Mr. Farino branched into maternity intimate apparel out of necessity. During the Second World War, fabric rationing led to a downturn in the foundation business, except for maternity bras, which were considered medical items.

With the onset of the baby boomer era in the 1950s and 1960s, demand for maternity apparel increased tremendously. Then, as that generation matured, another miniboom has occurred. And, with the research findings and recommendations from the medical community supporting breast-feeding, the demand for maternity and nursing bras continues to be strong.

Today, Leading Lady is the world’s leading manufacturer specializing in quality lingerie for mothers-to-be and new moms. Leading Lady also produces a line of full figure bras, sleep/leisure bras, post-mastectomy bras, Arthritis Bra, and specialized lingerie and accessories. Golda Inc also manufactures private label.

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