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Leach & Garner is known worldwide for innovative solutions for its manufacturing customers and as the industry resource for consistently high quality product, even in significant quantities. Throughout the world the Leach & Garner name is synonymous with quality, delivery and integrity.

The company provides raw materials and findings to major manufacturers and wholesalers around the world for use in their original jewelry designs. According to Ted Leach, President, “Our customers know the needs of the retailer and consumer far better than we do here at Leach & Garner. Through collaborative efforts with our customers we end up resolving a myriad of design and function challenges that arise in satisfying the global marketplace for jewelry.”

A recent example is the company’s invention of Leach & Garner Gold. In order to satisfy consumer demand for 14K gold jewelry that stands up to everyday wear, company Chairman, Philip F. Leach, challenged the company’s metallurgical research laboratories to create a harder, more durable alloy of superior color. According to Michael J. Barnacle, VP, Sales & Marketing, “The result was Leach & Garner Gold, a unique patented alloy that is stronger, more wear resistant and of a more natural gold color than other 14K alloys. To meet the requirements of the international market and please US customers, it had to be both nickel free and hypo-allergenic.”

The marketing of the branded Leach & Garner Gold line of finished jewelry products has been exclusively licensed by the company to Aurafin Corporation, based in Tamarac, Florida. Aurafin has undertaken a major advertising campaign directed to consumers publicizing the benefits of this dramatic advancement in gold jewelry in several national magazines.

Leach & Garner, through its US manufacturing arm, General Findings, produces the broadest selection of precious metal jewelry findings products in the world, as well as raw materials used in jewelry making. Its products are distributed to leading manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide. In the US, product is marketed under the General Findings name while outside the US its subsidiary companies located in Hong Kong, Pforzheim and Tokyo carry the Leach & Garner banner.


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