LAB 40 Maternity Tees

Nancy LA has been in the maternity business for 10 years, designing and manufacturing stylish comfortable clothes. We became aware of the popularity and demand for funny and chic printed tees.

The natural progression was to invent LAB40, a maternity t-shirt line that offers custom made tees wholesale to maternity boutiques everywhere. Retailers will not only have a hand in the creative process by choosing style, color and silkscreen designs, but they can also create their own private label collection. In addition, Lab40 customers can design their own unique silkscreens based on any ideas they may have!

Recently, we have expanded the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind shirt to expecting moms through our retail site. Moms now have the privilege to choose the perfect t-shirt and favorite design to create a unique shirt all their own.

Being able to offer unique and custom made tees to clients all over the world will set Lab40 retailers apart from the pack!


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