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The Chamberlain Line was introduced during June 2002 and originally featured two different styles. The Chamberlain Standard Tote is a lined compartment bag with two large pockets–roomy enough for individual shoes and accessories. The Chamberlain Swim Tote is a standard bag lined for water resistance protection and is perfect for wet bathing suits, makeup, and hair products. Both bags highlight a plastic picture window on the front for a snapshot reminder of whats inside the bag. The bags come in a variety of fashionable fabrics and add an upscale touch to luggage organization. The totes also double as useful gift bags during the holiday season.

The bags quickly became frequent flier favorites on both the East and West Coasts, and My Tote was hailed for their unique fabrics. In 2003 a backpack was added to the Chamberlain line and later expanded to include a traveling dog bed with matching tote, a knitting kit for knitting enthusiasts and a brush roll originally designed for make-up artist.

The new Madison and Aasha lines feature a distinctive collection of bracelet purses and handy tote bags. The Madison Line includes the Scoop, the Fold Over Clutch, the Traditional Clutch, and the Make-Up Clutch. The Aasha Line includes the Standard Tote and Swim Tote.


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