Recently being named “Most Fashion-Forward Artist” by Vogue Magazine, Gwen Stefani is still getting used to seeing people in her designs for L.A.M.B. “It’s so amazing to create something and then put it out into the world and watch people discover it and make it their own. I’m basically sharing a piece of me.”, said Gwen. L.A.M.B is defined by Gwen’s innate style, eclectic fashion sense and natural elegance. L.A.M.B Fall/Winter ‘04 feature a polished British sophistication with a swift pulse. It is a true contemporaty collection with a very feminine, focused taste level. She uses luxurious wool for her fitted long coats adding antique brass hardware. Custom patterned L.A.M.B “Lambstooth” cardigans are spun from cashmere and angora with tiny beading done by hand. There are also L.A.M.B “Lambie Cammi” cashmere hoodies and pants. The blazers are fitted and flattering with deconstructed back seams, redefining classic style. The 40’s pencil skirt with feminine chiffon kick pleats has been the darling peice for fall editorial. An acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, L.A.M.B is also the pet name of Gwen’s beloved childhood dog and a term of endearment that she uses for her closest friends. The creation of L.A.M.B is a natural progression for Gwen, who has been designing clothes for her entire life. Stefani is already looking ahead to L.A.M.B Spring/Summer ‘05. “Spring is much more flowy, feminine and boudoir,” she trails off. “I’m even doing some custom lace. I just got really inspired by being really dainty and feminine.”


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