Kt Group Inc

KT Group is a family owned operation in which the legacy starts with Mr. William Huh, who has strived to frontier off shore manufacturing of high-quality apparels by first setting his footsteps in Central America from Korea in the early 80’s. Balancing our strategic points in Central America, and with our worldwide sources in Korea, Vietnam, Bangladeshi, Cambodia and China, we have been able to meet or exceed our customers’ high expectations.

It is in our philosophy that the manufacturing of high quality products involves not only skills and experience, but also creativity in the areas of sourcing, merchandising, pricing, etc. Reaching beyond and above the matrix of complicated and yet competitive global system is our ultimate goal. Benefiting from CBTPA & supplements to NAFTA, El Salvador is still considered as a strong manufacturing base in entertaining the US market. With its sophisticated labor force and quality infra-structure, our factory has found itself a strong position with abundant and consistent government support.




Sportswear, Printers & Screen



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New York, NY US

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