Krysia Renau

Definitely not ordinary, nor imported or mass produced, but modern and unique fashion jewelry. Made in California, Krysia Renau designs jewelry using natural gems and stones in unique texture combinations, all set in 24 karat gold plate and rhodium plate. From sparkling drusies to brilliant sapphires, romantic moonstones, beautiful agates and majestic opals. Krysia Renau’s jewelry represents nature’s beauty that is delicate, yet makes a statement like no other that is sure to be noticed.

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Since life dictates what we need to do and not what we would like to do, she took a break from designing and went back into the business she originally started together with her husband in the electronic industry. It’s been over twenty years now that she was able to finally retire from the corporate life and return to her love of jewelry designing.

Recently launching her newest line under Krysia Renau which is her native Polish first name, she designed her first collection of Nature’s Natural Gems & Stones in 24 karat gold plate and rhodium plate. I’ve always been known for my creativity and unique designs. So I understand that if I’m going to be a successful designer I need to be original and unique with my work.

Over the years my creativity in my mind has never left me, if anything it has grown stronger and deeper. My biggest inspiration comes from nature all around us and the beautiful art in it.




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24152 Park Rosso

Calabasas, CA US

Main 818.339.7200