KMR Communications, Inc

KMR Communications, Inc is a public relations firm in Manhattan specializing in fashion public relations for companies worldwide. We handle both emerging and established companies from mass market to luxury. We are a boutique company taking an aggressive and savvy approach to achieving top quality media coverage for our clients in all facets of the media.

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KMR Communications, Inc represents those who wish to increase their name recognition in target markets through the use of exposure in the media using the ever increasing vast network of television, radio, newspapers, internet and magazines. In cities such as Manhattan, Miami, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and others, sophisticated consumers do not typically rely on advertising to select their fashion, accessories, beauty products, medical care, hair salons, fitness centers or spas. Instead, they have a tendency to rely on the word of mouth buzz that is generated via media coverage.

KMR Communications, Inc has made a firm niche in fashion, beauty, health and fitness public relations. We devise carefully constructed public relations campaigns that provide the press and the consumer with information they need and want to know. Public relations is the reason why some individuals, places, or products remain best-kept secrets while others flourish independent of the economic climate.

We are, and will always remain a boutique agency so that we can best serve our clients with individual and hands on attention. The management of KMR Communications has established solid media contacts with both the national media as well as local contacts in key cities around the country. They recognize us as an invaluable resource for consumer oriented stories related to beauty, health, and fitness. Our clients regularly appear in prestigious media outlets such as The View, The Today Show, CNN, Elle, Vogue, The New York Times and numerous others. Examples of our media placements both print and television can be viewed at these links respectively:

      KMR Communications **Print Placements**       KMR Communications **TV Placements**


former & current:       Tupli Custom Couture Shoe Salon       InStyleBelly       Beachwood Designs (Interior Designers)       Edward II Bed & Breakfast Inn       Drama Queen Style       Love My Shoes       Brigitte New York - Soho Couture Clothing       Rodeo Drive Resale       Faremon       Think Her       Glow Fur, LLC - Hosiery - Hosiery       Mimeki - Designer inspired handbags       Bling Yourself       Bridget Lynne Designs       Jeeves of Belgravia       Swaddle Designs       Fashion Fit Formula       PZI Jeans       LuckyMeTee       Minnie Rose       FLABuLESS       Alegra Knows Fashion       Sea Goddess Swimwear       Afingo

At KMR Communications, Inc we stay true to our well honed niche. We do not believe in being a jack of all trades in the world of PR. Instead, we have spent years honing our skills, contacts and resources within our very specialized sector of public relations. The media values their relationship with us and have come to recognize KMR as one of their premier go to sources for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle stories.

KMR as a team has a true talent for launching start up companies and catapulting them to success as well as refining and perpetuating the reputations of well established companies or individuals. Each public relations program is tailored to the needs of the individual, and can include aspects of marketing such as brochures, launch parties, business to business mailings, open houses, written portions of web-sites, and other select special projects within our capability. Our motto truly is your success is ours and we do our utmost to maximize a client’s time with us.


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