Kingtrim Inc

Kingtrim aka Skytrim Limited has been a well-known manufacturer and exporter for a wide variety of Apparel Trims & Accessories for over 15 years.  Our Head Office is located in Hong Kong’s major industrial district with more than 30,000 sq. feet of office & warehouse space.  We have two major plants in China. Both are located in Shenzhen, which is around three-hour drive from Hong Kong. One factory is equipped with modern and advanced machinery to produce items such as Buttons, Buckles, Zipper pulls, Handles, Handbag Frames and Accessories,Cord Locks, Cord Ends, Hangers, Hooks, Rings, Eyelets and numerous Metal Products.  Our second plant is dedicated to mostly hand-made products like Ribbon and Crocheted Rosettes, Beaded/Sequined Motifs and Fringes, Frog Buttons and Tassels, Embroidered Lace, Trimmings and Collars, Crafted Accesssories and many Novelty Trims.  Our products are widely used in the Apparel Industry, Handbag, Home Furnishing, Crafts, Giftware, Bags, Footwear and Packaging Business, etc.


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New York, NY US

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