Kimberly Faith

It is designer Kimberly Faith’s ability to recognize and interpret trends that has given her the solid place in Los Angeles’ fashion landscape. Kimberly Faith Green, L.A. native Costume Designer / Stylist, unintentionally started her hot new line of accessories when she made what has now become her signature nameplate necklaces and belt buckles as gifts for her eclectic crew of girlfriends. Inspired by the rejuvenation of Paco Robanne in 2003, Kimberly introduced an exciting line of charmed metal jewelry. Having uncovered a great find in vintage glass pieces, she followed up with a collection of colorful, yet classic jewelry line of earrings and necklaces. The Abalone and Mother of Pearl collections reflect a new era in her life. These new pieces have a “lightness” that is new to her designs without losing her sense of fun.




Jewelry, Belts & Small Leather Goods



860 S. Los Angeles Street Suite 216

Los Angeles, CA US

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